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Italian Course

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.



The Indo-European language family belongs to the Romani languages. Italian is one of the most faithful to the Latin among the Romans languages. For this reason, it is also called “Modern Latin.. It has great similarities with other romance languages ​​(French, Spanish, Portuguese). Someone who knows Italian well can learn other Romans in a short time. Italian is one of the few melodic languages ​​in the world. Emotional expression is a very rich language. Italian has influenced other languages ​​since it served as Lingua Franca of the time during the Renaissance. The use of the Tuscan dialect instead of Latin by Boccaccio, Dante Alighieri and Petrarca has a major influence on the development of language. The terminology is Italian, especially in the field of music. 60 million people in the canton of Ticino in southern Italy and Switzerland speak Italian. Knowledge of the Italian language with twenty-one letters is very easy.


Italian Course

The SDM Language Course provides training in Italian language education from beginner to high levels with Turkish and foreign teachers, especially in one-to-one Italian or mini groups of 2-4 people.

The small number of students in our Italian group trainings provides the highest level of efficiency in education. Our instructors determine the materials appropriate to the dynamics of the group and are trained in technologically fully equipped, comfortable classrooms. 6 hours per week. Day, evening and weekend programs are available.

Another advantage for students who want to learn this language as a second language after English is that our teachers are bilingual. They will also have the opportunity to practice English while learning or developing a new language.

We also have special training programs to prepare you for the Italian placement test. For these programs, special exam instructors attend classes and provide training on the language structure as well as exam techniques. Our techniques will help you practice quickly and increase your success in exams.


Italian Private Tuition

In our private Italian courses, a student-oriented education system is applied. For the system to work correctly, the most appropriate program is determined by studying the education, work, private life and intensity of the student.

Our Italian private tutoring courses are applied only by tailoring personalized programs and materials. In our classrooms with full technological equipment, especially visual and audio materials stand out.

The day and hours of the education are determined by the Planlama Education Planning Department sonrası after registration. Our training planning department monitors and supports continuous training through reports throughout the training period. The reports are also delivered to our students on a monthly basis. In addition, our educational consultants actively guide our students throughout the process.

Our programs start at least 3 hours per week. The most suitable weekly time is determined during the interview with our Training Experts.

In SDM Language School, where there is intensive participation from Şişli, Sarıyer, Taksim, Mecidiyeköy, Kadıköy, Maltepe, Bostancı, Pendik and other regions of Istanbul, the language recognition process in the programs specially prepared for the individual, speaking in daily life, mastery of basic grammar and language structure and the completion of the language at the mother tongue level. Italian language training videos and lecture notes increase our students’ participation in class and thus increase their motivation.

You can contact the SDM Language School Education Advisors for the Italian Private Lesson Programs, you can talk one-on-one details and get information about your language education for your educational goals and objectives.


Italian course fees

Like every private lesson, it varies by hour. It is a very important thing to be taken in order to specialize in private lessons. Why should we take private lessons because the difference between private lessons is that the students learn the lessons in the appropriate working system and times. The instructors believe that a subject is well understood by the student and then proceed to the teaching of new subjects. In the private course, students are free to ask as many basic or complex questions as they wish.



The CELI1, CELI2, CELI3, CELI4 and CELI5 – CELI certificate is an official document, officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents are also accepted at the university registration stage. The CELI certificate is recognized by the Council of Higher Education as well as internationally. In addition, the equivalence is accepted legally for KPDS (Public Personnel Language Exam) and ÜDS (Interuniversity Board Foreign Language Exam). Combining high quality service, comfortable and fully equipped classrooms and Turkish and foreign Italian instructors specialized in their fields, SDM guarantees that it will be the right address for studying Italian in Istanbul.



Italian Placement Test



Our course schedule is personalized.