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Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.



-I’m not happy with my teacher, his style doesn’t suit me.

Especially when you have problems with your teacher in group education institutions, it is very difficult to find a solution. Imagine you are in a class of fifteen; the majority of the class may be satisfied while you disagree with your teacher. In this case, it is not possible for the institution to act according to you. At SDM Language School, as in other institutions, utmost care is given to the quality of teachers. All the teaching staff are composed of highly qualified and experienced teams who have graduated from teaching departments of universities. SDM Language School is able to make the necessary changes if you experience such a problem thanks to its one-to-one education with its large staff of teachers and a group education system of up to 5 people.


 – Course days and times don’t suit me.

Particularly working students have big problems arising from the institutions offering a weekly curriculum. The aim of SDM Language School is not to condemn you to the conditions of the institution, but to ensure that the institution keeps up with your living conditions.

In our school, a very wide weekly timetable is presented and the program is made according to the day and time of each student. It is important for the SDM Language School to efficiently evaluate the time periods in which the student has the most favorable concentration.


– The promises made are not kept.

SDM Language School provides all the details of the system to every student who comes first to register or get information. In addition to offering only program and price options, the student is told about the difficulties and advantages that they may encounter during the education process. Special projects are presented and directed according to the requirements of the person. Rather than involving people in the general context, there are no promises to be made above or below which may be assessed in a specific way. In this case, no promises will be unrequited.


– Classes are too crowded, levels don’t match.

Unfortunately, the fact that some institutions bring together people with very crowded and different living standards creates classes, reducing the quality of education. Inadequate level of exams in the beginning prevents the students from being evaluated properly.


Nevertheless, let’s think in good faith; Suppose that at the beginning every student really started at the same level but it is not possible to expect everyone to have the same level of perception and concentration. The topics you understand and do not understand will be different from each other and you will not be able to ask questions at any time. There will be level differences in the process of the program. No matter how good your teacher is, it will not be possible for her students to study and study individually in a class of 15-20 people, which will cause you to break out of education.

SDM’s solution here is one-to-one training or a 5-person mini-group. Thanks to these options, you can reach the target in a much shorter time by keeping each course hour you have allocated to yourself and us at the highest efficiency and interest level….


-Gramer knowledge is good but I can not speak?

The primary objective in language education is to communicate. You can consolidate your knowledge if you know everything you have learned in practice at the same time. It is impossible for you to do so, especially in crowded classrooms or educators who consider language learning only grammar.

You cannot distinguish between courses in language learning. If grammar, practice, reading and writing go in the right proportion, you have healthy educational conditions. All these elements allow you to reinforce language with learning techniques. If you wait or wait for your grammar to be perfect, you will never have enough conversation to speak.

SDM is always ready to provide you with healthy education conditions with the system it has established within this consciousness and the quality of the educators involved in this system.


-I’m having a hard time expanding my vocabulary and pronouncing it.

Reading books or short stories that fit your level is a useful way to list unfamiliar words. Also, if you try to read these materials aloud,

You can give your tongue fluidity by feeling. This is useful for the development of pronunciation over time… It will be. Watching foreign channels and listening to foreign music are very useful and enjoyable methods for both vocabulary and pronunciation.


 – I started courses but I had a problem with the teacher?

We change your teacher immediately.


– I started the courses, but I didn’t see the same day and time?

We change your hours and days according to the times that suit you.


– What if I have to go on a trip after I start the courses?

We’re freezing your schedule right away.


-I’m sick and I can’t attend my class today?

You can benefit from certain compensation rights that our school offers for you.


– How long do I enroll in classes?

It is guaranteed to start within 1 to 10 days after registration.


 -What do I do on summer break? Will my course continue?

You are sending us your summer vacation program. So you go with the same teacher after the holiday.


 -I’ve entered a very suitable period, for example, I will be available for 2 weeks

We can increase your classes and make block programs.


– How do you determine the level?

As your teacher makes your determination himself, he clearly sees the deficiency of the student.


– How much will it help me to improve my practice?

The most effective aspect of this training is to be ONE-TO-ONE and you do not have to talk, so you don’t have a chance to escape.


– How is the training handled?

This training is different from private lessons. For example, you stay connected to the person in private tutor. This means that if a change occurs for the student, it will start all over again. However, since all the instructors in our institution follow the same programs, the student resumes even if he changes his teacher. For example, our school uses both Turkish and foreign teachers at the same time. The Turkish trainer completes the grammatical deficiencies while the foreign trainer improves his practice and vocabulary.


– How can I follow my mistakes and developments?


Your progress report is regularly presented by our institution every month.


– How soon can I find out?


A student who does not know any foreign language can reach advanced level of speaking and grammar in one year.


– How many hours do I have to study?


The hours are determined according to the level of the student, but the lessons are taken at least 3 hours per week.