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English Levels

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.

English Levels – What are English Language Levels – English Course


English Levels

Nowadays, the necessity of learning English is so advanced that it can no longer be discussed. Regardless of your age and occupational group, the first thing to do for a better job and academic career is to start studying English as soon as possible. Deciding to learn English is the first important step you will take on this long and demanding path. From the moment you make your decision, there will be another very important question: where and how will you study English? Let us answer for you: You should take this training with a quality school, course or private lesson and start with a good education program that will be determined according to your English level.

It is a fact that the age we are in is the information age and knowledge is power! The rapid progress of communication technologies brings everyone and everything at the other end of the world closer to us, which makes us increasingly aware of the importance of global communication. As we all know, the common language of global communication is English. So, without losing a second, it is necessary to make every effort to learn good English. In this case, we should move on to the second stage and look at your English level for a better and more accurate start.


Knowing a foreign language or English!

Knowing English means not only knowing the words and grammar rules in this language, but also making use of these words and rules to communicate verbally or in writing with people who speak the language. In order to speak good English, not only grammar nor vocabulary is necessary ın In addition to having this knowledge, communication skills should be used well. This means that you need to get an idea of the language and culture of the language or English you have learned. Learning English on the one hand and learning a different culture of life on the one hand will make an intensive contribution to the education of English, which is extremely important in terms of motivation. Now we can move on to another stage. Determine your English level!


Do you know your English level?

The basic rule for starting a correct English education is to measure your English level. Efficient English education is possible with lessons in classes that are appropriate for your level. With English tutoring or one-to-one English instruction, you can determine your level of English with your education counselor and teacher and make the right start. In this preliminary stage, which is a kind of preparation, test and paragraph questions such as alphabets, numbers, simple sentences and question patterns will give you an idea and knowledge of your English level. In general, we can say that the level of English consists of 5 courses.


Although English levels are named by various names in different courses or educational institutions, they can generally be considered as follows.

Beginner Level: At this level, people who speak English know some basic words. Therefore, it is not easy for people at Beginner level to understand and speak English.

Elemantary Level: A higher level of Beginner level. Persons at elementary level know simple English patterns. Knowledge of English vocabulary is more than Beginner level, and it is a bit easier to understand sentences with simple basic patterns.

Pre-Intermediate Level: Students in this group have more vocabulary and more English patterns. Although they may have difficulty in understanding very fast conversations, they can understand slower conversations and respond without difficulty.

Intermediate Level: Students in this group are located in the middle of the Intermediate level group. They have more words and more English patterns. They are more advanced in terms of speech and understanding than Pre-Intermediate level.

Upper-Intermediate Level: This language level is the last language level of the Intermediate level. Students who come to this level are better than any other language level. Students at this language level are more confident and can speak fluently with native English speakers.

Advanced Level: This is the level group with the highest level of vocabulary and grammar knowledge. People at this level can speak English fluently, if someone else speaks quickly, they can understand and read English books.


The Common European Framework

In addition to the English levels mentioned above, there are levels defined as the Common Framework Classification of European Languages. The levels in this program are A1 and A2 for basic users, B1 and B2 for intermediate users, and C1 and C2 for advanced users.

Below you can find the equivalents of the above-mentioned language levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Basic Level User (A1, A2): Beginner and Elementary

Intermediate User (B1, B2): Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate

Advanced User (C1, C2): Upper-Intermediate and Advanced


Determining your level of English will accelerate your purpose and targeted learning in English education. This, of course, will support your promotion in your business and academic career. In addition to all these benefits, there are many different benefits to learning English. One of them is to increase the power of focus. However, learning English physically helps the mind to develop.


Learning English and creativity

Another useful part of learning English and other foreign languages ​​is its contribution to our mother tongue. In order to understand and learn English grammar well, basic grammar rules in Turkish should be known. Thus, the two languages ​​support and develop each other during the learning phase. Research has shown that learning English or another foreign language has an intense contribution to people’s fluency. Attention to detail, creativity and the ability to make a proper sentence-writing increase in our daily life is very important for our business and professional career. Learning languages ​​helps us to expand our outlook on the world and to learn about different cultures. It improves our perception and thinking processes and, more importantly, provides us with ease and sympathy in our communication with the people around us. Taking advantage of multilingualism is also the reward of the whole learning process için For all these achievements, it is necessary to decide to learn English and to implement this decision as soon as possible. After this decision, do not forget to determine your level of English. If you specify your level, faster program processes take place and you can achieve your goals one step faster.