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Corporate Training

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.



As SDM Language Course, we offer solutions for your corporate foreign language trainings in two ways. In line with your requests, we offer special programs and special prices to your employees in accordance with the cooperation agreement between our school and your institution. At the same time, educational activities can be carried out either within our school or in a place that you specify with individuals or groups to be determined by your institution.

SDM LANGUAGE COURSE The Training Planning Department evaluates your training needs and priorities and creates a training program tailored to your organization. The content of the training is organized by the participants in parallel with the target foreign language levels, company activity area and training intensity.

Besides and after our corporate trainings, we offer our students the option to continue their foreign language education abroad. Students who wish to continue their education in quality educational institutions with mutual cooperation agreement.



We are able to offer free consultancy services for your institution’s Foreign Language proficiency analyzes and foreign language training programs. Trainings that meet the foreign language needs of your employees and respond to your corporate needs in the most effective way are prepared and offered to you by our training experts.



We measure your employees’ foreign language proficiency with our level-level examinations. Various forms are prepared and applied according to your expectations. The evaluations are carried out by our training experts in a short time and converted into a detailed foreign language proficiency report. If you wish, you will be presented with an effective training planning. Our examinations are evaluated within the framework of Common European Framework (CEF).


Frequently Asked Questions

-What is the difference of SDM Language Course?

As SDM, we offer a program that will not tire you by considering your busy schedule in your search for a foreign language course. With our one-to-one foreign language trainings, we carry out studies to fully meet the expectations of your institution. We are at your side with English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Greek and Turkish for foreigners. In addition to adults, we offer special foreign language trainings for children by providing them with appropriate comprehension methods for age groups. SDM, who is always with you in your search for an English course, provides one-on-one training in other languages ​​that are widely used in your industry and in the world. Following the level determination of your company employees in corporate trainings, those who have the same level of knowledge are taken to classroom training. Your staff is attending courses in the same class, and the course content is offered for your sector. Training your employees together ensures that foreign language levels develop equally.

-What training methods are used in the lessons?

Firstly, level determination is made in our institution and then the program of the education you will receive is determined. You start to receive trainings within the scope of the European Union Language Portfolio whose success is accepted worldwide. You will receive appropriate training at any level from A1, the beginner level to C2, which is considered to be advanced. In the courses, studies are done in computer environment and your education is supported with visual and audio materials. Since the “Speech-Oriented” education system is applied in our institution, you constantly talk to your teacher in classes. We offer a system where understanding, speaking, writing and reading are taught together. In order to support the training with side activities, we provide support with our Speaking with Foreign Teachers, Turkish / Foreign Teachers with Words, Grammar Clubs with Turkish Teachers Free Diction and Fine Speaking Training.

-How many groups are there in corporate trainings?

Our trainings can be given one-to-one or in groups of 2-5 people if desired.

-We want to participate in your trainings but cannot find time due to our busy schedule. What are your suggestions at this point?

Business life of course brings along an intense work tempo. Our corporate foreign language trainings are given in our course center as well as by our teachers coming to your company. In addition, if you wish, our teachers can give live training via skype via our online education system.

-What is the impact of institutional foreign language training on professional productivity?

In corporate language education, besides the general information, emphasis is given to the issues that are important in the business world and especially in your sector. You will be taught specific terms and speech patterns in your sector and your staff will be supported to communicate effectively.

They receive training on prominent topics in the business world, such as creating effective presentations, e-mail correspondence, bargaining meetings, meetings and telephone conversations. With our corporate foreign language trainings, your staff will be able to represent your company in the best way by communicating with customers, whether written or verbal.