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Medical English

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.

Medical English

The importance of English as a basic medical world and the desire of Turkish doctors to learn English for both scientific and clinical purposes encouraged our school to start the ingilizce English for Medical Purposes “program in the education system.

The ingilizce English for Medical Purposes ”course, taught in many non-native English countries, enables physicians to communicate in conferences orally and in writing in magazines. According to Cambridge University press research, the demand for medical English instructors has never been as high as the number of doctors in need of speaking medical English.

Why do we need ingilizce English for medical purposes “?

English is the main research language in the medical field in the world.

In Turkey, as a requirement of the field of medical students must pass the English exam.

Medical doctorate and master students and professionals travel to or work in native English countries to improve their practice.

In many medical registrations and boards, doctors are expected to take 7.0 in the Ielts academic exam to become experts.

Speaking English is a must in terms of safe practice and ethical rules.

Good communication is the key to a successful doctor-patient relationship.

The Sdm Language Course provides ingilizce English for medical purposes “to students and physicians who have had two years of medical or nursing education. These courses are taught to you by a team of experienced specialist English teachers and doctors.

In this course, medical English is taught by strengthening the grammar, vocabulary and structure based on the perspective of medicine and health. The best and most successful way to build student motivation is to enable them to develop skills and strategies that will lead them to lifelong success.