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Human Resources

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.

Language Course:

As a Language Course, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a dynamic organization managed by an experienced team. While we provide many innovations and exciting business opportunities, we are aware that the most important contribution is the human factor. In line with this awareness, we empower all our employees as individuals who can easily present their thoughts and creativity, have strong communication skills, are respected and have the opportunity to make a career. If you would like to take part in our team and walk with us, please send us your CV and contact details in accordance with the positions below. All information you provide to us is treated on a confidential basis.