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English For Children Course

Do not call the English course to learn English! Don't be fooled by confusing advertisements and the ‘Best English course’ advertisements of language centers where many people are studying at the same time! SDM Language School is the right address for you to take private lessons with expert instructors and to speak and write English fluently at the end of the course.




English for children

It is stated by the experts that the years in which learning is the easiest are kindergarten and primary education. Children need to take many English exams in order to be successful in education and in the following years. Improving the English level at an early age is important in preparing the child for the future. Almost all of these exams require high level of literacy, listening, speaking and grammar skills.

Children complete their personal development by enjoying the success of the exam as well as learning a foreign language. In order to raise happy, more confident children with sufficient equipment, SDM provides service with our experienced educator staff.






En ONE-ONE TRAINING en is the fastest and most effective method of education that is valid throughout the world. It is the most commonly used educational method when it is desired to learn a foreign language for different purposes.

Our special English language courses for children are tailored to your child’s priorities.

In our one-to-one English education programs, your child’s education, social life, needs, deficiencies, interests and educational goals take priority. Considering all these factors, it is ensured that she has an easy education period without difficulty.

First of all, our children are given an education process where they will be happy with the resources that include the subjects that attract their attention, to understand the logic of language, to recognize the language.

As the children have more visual and auditory sensitivities, technological applications that will be in their memories are brought to the fore during the course.

Our educational experts offer a lesson plan, weekly intensity and guidance on teachers during a meeting with our parents and children.

In our English-language tutoring programs for children, speech-based educational contents are prepared by Turkish and foreign teachers. The fact that all of our instructor staff is formated and experienced in children’s education ensures the successful completion of the education process.


Since our English language training for children is one-to-one, you can set the course days and hours.

Our Education Planning Department creates the weekly syllabus after registration. During the training process, you are immediately assisted when you request a syllabus or instructor exchange.

While the course is in progress, our education planning department continues to guide our child and parents. The parent is regularly informed about the student’s situation.

Your special education specialist will also follow the student’s progress and guide you to the education system if needed. All these developments are arranged in the case of parents’ knowledge and approval.

If your child has exams, he / she will be supported by additional studies to be successful and to pass a successful exam.

Assists in preparing homework in English.



The reason why these programs are called Grup Open Group dır is that students who do not know each other receive education together. Open groups are created for children of the same age and level to receive in-class education.

Our English for Children groups consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 students.

The small number of students in our classrooms eliminates the adaptation problem of the students.

Open groups are divided according to the age and level of children.

Training is provided with appropriate materials within the framework of the group’s general learning structure.

In our children’s groups, visual, auditory methods and technological materials are used more widely.

Including remarkable elements in the education of children has a role in the successful completion of education. All of our teachers make expressions and test solutions that will be of interest to children.

Formed Turkish and foreign trainers are experienced and professional in child education.

Thanks to our education planning department, you will not feel alone because your child’s progress is reported.



In our closed mini groups for children, students form their own groups. For example, friends from the same school can study together.

There are groups of minimum 3 students and maximum 5 students.

Closed groups are advantageous because they can be moved jointly.

Closed groups can forward a change request as they set the program themselves.

Fewer students attend classes in a quiet environment instead of crowded classrooms.

Our instructors provide support in homework and project construction.

As the exam periods approach, additional subject-specific lectures are made.

Materials appropriate to the dynamics of the group are selected. It is ensured that our child is active in the lessons.

Visual and auditory education techniques are applied to make the subjects take place in children’s minds.

Experienced teachers who have assimilated to become educators enter the English for children group classes. In the lessons, the child is also promised to understand what he has learned.

Our post-registration education planning department determines your syllabus.

After registration, you will receive detailed information about the training process by interviewing our training specialists.

Our training planning department provides guidance to you in all matters that are in your mind during the training process.

Your special education specialist is also active in the process. Makes interventions on the course of education where needed. All these interventions are done with the consent of the parents.

Our parents are regularly informed about the development of our child.



Students who have problems in their English classes in their schools;

At the school where they are educated, our students who are left behind in the English class are offered support programs. The students are given education on the materials that are used at school and which will be offered extra. It is seen that the students who are left behind in the English classes in their schools prevent the lessons in their schools and increase their success levels significantly. The method of education we recommend for students in this situation is ‘ONE-TO-ONE ENGLISH EDUCATION’.

Students in public schools;

Unfortunately, English education is extremely inadequate for students studying in public schools. It is not possible for students studying in these schools to learn English without external support. We intend to close this gap with our intensive English education programs for these students. The training method to be selected is determined after the interview with our education experts and parents. One-to-one training, open mini-groups or closed mini-group options are evaluated according to the student’s goals and status.


Students who will transfer from public schools to private schools;

The shortage of English is a major problem for students who will move from public to private.

Although private schools offer these students different classes and study classes in English classes, this is certainly not enough to cover the gap. For these students, an accelerated education program is applied first and their infrastructure is established and they are confident in their English lessons at school. Then, our student continues the English support program with our standard education programs. For students who are facing this situation, they are advised to turn to one-on-one training and then to group training if desired.